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Adding Friends to Facebook

Adding Friends to Facebook

Adding Friends to Facebook
Adding Friends to Facebook

I would like to briefly tell you how to add friends on Facebook. To add friends on Facebook, you first need to click on the search box. Then, instead of searching for your friend’s name, just type and click on the search button. If you know your friend from the profiles, the process is complete. If you can not find your friend in the search results, click ‘contacts’. Let’s continue here.

We press the ‘Add Friends’ button next to the profile picture of the person you have chosen to send a friend request to. There may not be a ‘Add Friends’ button next to the profile picture in the privacy settings of the contacts.

If you still can not find your friend; You should try to contact the person you are calling and the people who are on your phone with your mobile phone or other accounts. From the people you upload, you can add friends who already have a Facebook account, or invite people who do not have an account to create an account. Separately use the ‘Recognize Contacts’ feature. These features will help other friends find you easier.

    Let us know how you would like to accept your friendship request from your profile:

Go to Accept the friendship request by pressing the ‘Confirm’ button. We have also learned how to accept the desire for friendship.

    Let’s briefly tell you how to delete a friend request from your profile:

When you delete a friend request, the notification is not sent to the requesting person. By blocking this person, you can prevent them from sending you a friend request again. You should go to to delete the friend you want from your profile.

Adding Friends to Facebook
Adding Friends to Facebook

Let me briefly explain how to delete or cancel a friend request you have sent from your account. You must click on the friendship requests you have submitted to delete your friendship request you have submitted. You can cancel the requested friend request next to your friend you wish to cancel by pressing the ‘cancel’ button.

Brief note: If your friendship number exceeds 5,000, you can not send more friendship requests and you can not accept incoming friend requests. If you need to contact more than 5,000 people, you can turn your personal account into a Facebook page. You can add as many friends as you like.

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