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The Internet is full of cool people; Omegle, lets you meet them. When you use Omegle video random chat, we pick someone else at random so you can have a one-on-one chat.

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Facebook Life Saving Information You Can Hide Yourself

Facebook Life Saving Information You Can Hide Yourself

Facebook Life Saving Information You Can Hide Yourself
Facebook Life Saving Information You Can Hide Yourself

Facebook does not use almost all the world does not use. It is very high quality and up to date social chat and sharing platform that is used by everyone from seven to seventy years old. You can do many jobs on Facebook at the same time. I don’t want to tell you a long time on Facebook. You all know that you use Facebook. Do you also know the details and life-saving features? Without further ado. I don’t want to steal your precious time. I’m about to go.

Who can see your messages on Facebook? I want to start by saying. First of all, please check if your profile is public or not. If it’s open, let’s change our profile from indoors to off only to our friends. Let’s limit their sharing to only your friends and let’s continue. You can also limit this operation temporarily. You can change it later. Or we can only limit it as me. We can also restrict your old messages to your viewers. You can change the privacy settings for older publications. This property is also a really nice property.

Let’s see who can see your friendship requests. On the home page, you often come across people with whom you can send friendship requests that are not relevant to you. I don’t think this is a need to send friendship requests to random people. This causes many users of a random request to send out friend requests, ie the account holder’s account. If you don’t want friend requests from this list to be included in your page, you can set and disable them from the options that we just mentioned.

Who can follow our valuable users via e-mail or search and find from us? Let’s talk about this feature. You can disable this feature if you want Facebook account holders not to find you via e-mail. With this feature, most people who usually open new accounts are active. By disabling this process, they cannot search for e-mail. A telephone number is required when you register. If you do not want the call to be found by searching by phone number, you can also cancel the call from the phone number. Thus, you can not find your phone number instead of calling you.

Facebook Life Saving Information You Can Hide Yourself
Facebook Life Saving Information You Can Hide Yourself

In addition to the Facebook search engine, we will talk about the important point you need to make in order not to be searched. This feature is one of the most important factors in not reaching your Facebook profile. Google, Yahoo, Yandex search engines, such as a second name on your Facebook profile is a process that must be done in order to reach. After successfully completing this process, you cannot access your Facebook user profile from different search engines. Let’s try this right now. Search yourself for a different search engine. You will never find it. Try searching for yourself with a lot of information about yourself. If you are aware of this issue you can tell us in the comments.

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