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Using WeChat From a Computer

Using WeChat From a Computer

Using WeChat From a Computer
Using WeChat From a Computer

You want to use Wechat to define your QR code from your computer. At first you login to from your computer. You will come to the Chat screen from your phone, respectively. You touch the star in the right corner. We logged into Web WeChat and touched Start on the screen.

We are browsing the QR Code web page at After you print, we press OK on your phone’s screen. With our WeChat information, you can chat quickly from your Internet service provider to Web WeChat.

 My moments setting:  Let’s see what’s on the screen of the settings screen. Moments seem to be a news source on Facebook. A feature moments feature that allows your friends to see status updates, photos they add. Memorize your screen, the screen you share your memories.

  Let’s see what we can do:  You can take a photo, you can share the photos on Facebook and your own Anime screen by filtering the photos you take like facebook. These shares you make fall on the Moments screen and your friends can comment and enjoy your friends. By clicking on the three points in the upper right corner (…), you can see the likes and comments by tapping ‘Friends’ Comments in the menu, as shown below. In the privacy settings, you can also choose whether you want to restrict who can or can share which groups.

   Chat Background:  You are bored from the background of your chat screen. You can create a background or get a photo straight away, just like a photo suggested by WeChat or saved on your phone. These will now be sufficient in the Settings screen. Now let’s come to the Social Menu.

    Social Menu:  When you click 3rd menu on the lower screen, the following screen will appear.

    Moments:  You can appreciate or comment on things that your friends share, things they do, and things they do.

Add contacts:  I think that our most important part is adding a friend screen. There are many ways to add friends here. But I think Turkey is new for this application “Insert with ID ‘QR Code’ mobile contacts ‘known features will be enough. You will find brand names and artists’ name cards, as well as in countries where widespread in this case at least, that this was an ardent work of the official accounts department so that you can reach the artist as if you are on Twitter, or you can send a message, you can even talk in the picture and maybe even talk;)

    Add id:  On this screen, you can send a friend request by entering your friend’s WeChat ID or mobile phone number.

  QR code:  As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can add the codes of your friends who share the ‘QR Code‘ image by browsing. Or you can add a QR Code visual to your phone by selecting ‘Select Existing’ from the folder below as you can see in the picture below.

Mobile Contacts:  It is enough to come to this screen to add contacts to your contacts. If your contacts are WeChat users, then there is ‘Add’. They will be on the list. If not, it will write ‘Invite’ next to your username. You can invite your friend to WeChat with sms by clicking on your invitation. .

 Look around:  Here is Look Around, the most entertaining discovery of the WeChat social network. Turkish means ‘look around’. See a small touch around and all WeChat users. People often use this feature in a social environment abroad.

    Shake:  Are you bored? what do you say I do, then it is so beautiful that I can not tell. It’s a lot of fun to have a shake. Take a little wrist movement on your phone. Then you can not be called over the phone by phone over the world. Turkish has begun to come, so if you are just starting Turkish, these arts have started.

 Drag the bottle:  Three options for a deserted island will take you to my dreams; how do you give an answer to a bottle by sending it to the ocean in a deserted island … I want to answer missed notes in other bottles.

 Contact:  We can see friends list in WeChat. From your friend.

  Conversation:  And the real issue we came up with; chat, push-to-talk, lyrics, video conversations in HD quality on-screen. The chat tool is both easy to use and very entertaining … let’s open it with the array.

Using WeChat From a Computer
Using WeChat From a Computer

  Push-to-Talk:  WeChat brought the radio mode to the chat screen. Click on the numbered button to see it visually. We are speaking with the text of the Incoming Talk (number 2) and we raise our fingers. Our voicemail is being sent as well, that’s all.

Video call:   A screen display of 3 display buttons. Here at Video Conversation, we send an invitation to video chatting with our friends. Enjoy being able to speak in HD. Of course we can not only talk on this screen but also share our name cards and photos in our restaurants.

    Feelings:   WeChat worked to make us wonder about the chat screen. As we do not discourage private expressions, you can find new expressions by yourself. And it’s free.

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